1. Jack joins THE FILE ARTS

    If you’re interested in any kind of digital art, then you should check out The File Arts, an online artspace/gallery where people can buy and collect art created specifically for the digital realm.

    Why are we telling you this? Because The File Arts have approached MadeScapes ^ own Jack Addis and asked him to sign up with them! You can find Jack’s work on a whole host of artist’s networks, magazines and blog-posts, so it was only a matter of time before his glitching hit them in the face.

    The File Arts allows digital art enthusiasts to pay the price they think the art is worth, and as creator Andre Brocatus says on his about page, once the source file is yours you can do with it as you wish, from scrutinising it up close to posting it as your Facebook profile pic.



    The File Arts on Tumblr


    Oh, and they’re based in the Netherlands, where Jack has a show coming up too, but more about that later…

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